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Burraco Rules

Burraco is an extremely fun game, but it can only be played by two players. The game is played with two standard card decks with two Jokers. The 2 cards are wild and can be used to substitute other cards. There will be a target score selected and the winner will be the first player that achieves that score. Or, the person who achieves the high score at the completion of the game will be the winner.

The round ends once a player has made sets with all of their cards and has made at least one of those sets be a Burraco meld. Or, the round can come to an end by the stock pile running out of cards. The score is figured out by counting the point values of the melds the players are able to produce.

In this game, two side stock piles are also created. They are placed beside the main stock pile. The stock reserve pile is there in case the main one runs out of cards. If the game comes to a point where there is no side stock, then the game comes to an end. There is also a refill hand. When a player doesn’t have any more cards and there is a side stock available, it will be automatically added to their hand. Players are only allowed to take one side stock per game.

The game of Burraco is a little different than most of the other rummy style games which generally require a player to earn a certain number of points before they can lay down for the first time. In Burraco, the players can lay down at any time. A set will consist of 3 of the same ranked cards, a run consists of cards which go in a row, such as 4, 5, 6, etc. There is also a clean Burraco which consists of 7 or more cards which don’t use a wild card or a Joker. A dirty Burraco consists of 7 or more cards, but that set or run can be made with the use of a wild card or a Joker.

Burraco is a great card game for players that want to put a spin on the game of rummy online. This is a fun game for families to play on family night, or to play with friends. The game moves fast and is packed full of nonstop excitement any card player will appreciate.

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