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Rummy News

What's in store for Rummy players? Lots of Rummy Freerolls for a start.

For those that haven't heard or don't understand what a Freeroll Tournament is. It's a game that costs nothing at all to enter but pays out cash prizes to winners.

Rummy Freerolls - Happy Hour
Every Monday and Wednesday in February, between 11:00 and 12:00 ET, you are invited to join a 4 seat, $5 Single Tourney Freeroll!

Daily Freerolls!
You are invited to take part in our daily freeroll tournaments, twice a day, and compete for your share of $10 without having to buy in!

Don’t miss this opportunity to win real money- for free!

Your $1 Can Be Worth $500!
Our Lucky Dollar Rummy tournaments continue!

Invest just $1 and compete for a cash prize of $500!

Each weekend look for your lucky dollar and come test your skills and compete for the guaranteed prize!

We've lots of promotions to come in the next few months so keep playing and keep an eye out for our special offers and incentive promotions as they become available. There'll be loads more rummy freeroll tournaments to enter in the coming weeks as well.

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