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Rummy Freerolls

January's Rummy Freerolls

Following the huge success of last months Rummy Freerolls, they're back by popular demand to let you play more free games.

This month we are running Rummy Freerolls on each Monday and Thursday for the whole month.

The start times for our freeroll competitions is 8pm GMT which is 3pm EST and each Rummy Freeroll day we'll be offering games of either Traditional Rummy, Gin Rummy or Kaluki.

To play, after downloading and setting up a free account, click on the Real Mode section and then the Multi Tourney tab. If you haven't yet downloaded the software, click Rummy Download.

Each freeroll tournament will see a prize pool of $150 setup which is shared among the players that make the cut. More details of how the freeroll prizes are distributed is available within the Tournament Lobby.

The Schedule of Midweek Rummy Freeroll Tournaments is as follows:

  • Thursday – January 3rd 2008 - Kaluki
  • Monday – January 7th 2008 - Gin
  • Thursday - January 10th 2008 - Rummy
  • Monday – January 14th 2008 - Kaluki
  • Thursday - January 17th 2008 - Gin
  • Monday – January 21st 2008 - Rummy
  • Thursday - January 24th 2008 - Kaluki
  • Monday – January 28th 2008 - Gin
  • Thursday – January 31st 2008 – Kaluki
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