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Euro 2008, Love it or Hate it with Rummy Tournaments

Euro 2008 Rummy Tournaments

During June we have been holding special Guaranteed Kalooki Tournaments to celebrate the Euro 2008 football games and there's one to go!

Join us for a $4000 Guaranteed Prize pool playing one of our new Kalooki 51 games.

The final tournament for Euro 2008 takes place on Saturday June 28th at 15:00 (Eastern Time) and only costs $11 to enter.

There is a limited number of seats for this Kalooki 51 tournament so if you want to participate, it would be wise to reserve your seat in this tournament early.

And for those that are fed up hearing about Euro 2008, we've a special Freeroll Kalooki tournament just for you!

If you're one of the many that are sick of watching the Euro 2008 games on TV, probably with a partner that controls the TV remote, then this $1000 Freeroll tournament is perhaps just the thing to lighten up the period when the Euro 2008 Final is on.

Yes it's a free to enter ladies night playing Kalooki 51 and starts on Sunday 29th June at 15:00 ET.

As a side note to the rummy tournaments mentioned above, we'd like to take the opportunity to let you know that our Multi-Round Tables have been improved and the resulats can be seen within the Rummy software now. You can now enjoy playing multi round tables of up to 3 rounds!

The new tables are located under the Gin, Kalooki and Rummy tabs in the rummy games software. These multi-round tables enable shorter games to be played and the strategy required to be successful is basic and so easy to master. The more rounds found in a multi-table game the more strategy is required so these are a nice addition for beginners to rummy or for those in a rush.

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