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More Online Rummy Games for 2009

An Expanded Selection of Online Rummy Games

Our rummy games offerings have been increased!

After the huge increase in the popularity of our Kaluki (Kalooki) games, we've added some other popular variants of the game for you to play and enjoy. Kalooki 40 and Kalooki 51 have been added and have already proved very popular with our players.

Kaluki or Kalooki is very popular, especially in the UK, where dedicated games halls have been setup to cater for the growing masses playing these games.

And to Help Even More...

To assist our players in learning these new rummy games and also to help new rummy players learn the games more quickly, in the easiest possible manner, we've added a range of unique interactive tutorials that quickly show players how to play each game type. The games covered are:

How to Play Gin Rummy
How to Play Rummy (Traditional)
How to Play Oklahoma
How to Play Kalooki 40 and How to Play Kalooki 51.

These interactive tutorials will show you the basics of each game in a minute or two and guide you through the various stages of the games. Well worth checking out!

We hope all our players have a Joyful 2009!

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