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How to Play Kalooki 51

Kalooki 51, or Kaluki 51 as it's often known, is another popular version of Rummy and one that is very popular, especially in the UK, where dedicated Kalooki clubs have been setup attracting a dedicated following, in much the same vain as bingo clubs.

Learning how to play Kalooki 51 is fairly easy and regular card players shouldn't have any problems picking up the rules of any of the Kalooki or Rummy games but to make it even easier, our partners, Rummy Royal have made it even easier with this quick interactive tutorial that will show you exactly how to play Kalooki 51 in a few minutes.

We find that new players wanting to learn how to play Kalooki games should run through this tutorial before proceeding to download and play Kalooki 51 for fun with real players.

Kalooki 51, can be played for free or real money but make sure you are fully aware of how to play before proceeding to play for real money. All our games can be played for free for as long as you like without any obligation.

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