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How to Play Okey or Turkish Rummy

Okey or Turkish Rummy is another rummy variant more popular in the Eastern European countries, especially, as you've guessed it - Turkey.

The objective of the Okey game is to be the first to dispose of the tiles making your hand. The game is finished when one of the players lays down all of their tiles in melds of sets / runs / 7 pairs and the last tile is discarded. Below you'll find our tutorial making learning Okey or Turkish Rummy quick and easy.

To play against other players go to the main rummy page and click to play.

As with more or less all of the rummy games, including Okey or Turkish Rummy, it's best to play for fun for a while after you've downloaded the game. This gives you time to learn the rules and get to enjoy the game of Okey before jumping in and playing for real.

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